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Empowering self connection for holistic healing of the mind, body and soul

Welcome to the Journey to You...
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We all experience our own unique journey through life, this includes both our inner and outer world. The first, these days can sometimes be more neglected than the latter. Journey to You was birthed into creation in order to bring that focus back to the potency of our journey inwards. To learn, explore and connect back to our true selves, in hopes that this will help you lead a more holistic life.

My Journey

My Journey to myself began after a body and mind breakdown from stress. I had overworked myself to a point where the only way my body could communicate to my mind that I needed a break was to force it. 

I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 2 years, making me turn inwards and face what I needed to. During this period of rest my body and mind needed to re-connect. 

It was in this period that I found Yoga for the first time. I also was lucky to have regular Reflexology treatments and found it hugely beneficial, allowing space to connect back to what the number 1 priority should be: ourselves. 

After experiencing the power of Reflexology I went to study it myself and my passion for holistic living only deepened along with biological knowledge I had always been interested in. The human body is amazing, including this connection between the body and mind. 

I continued on my journey adding Neutral Space Relaxation therapy to my toolkit to inspire self-connection, exploring how this true deep relaxation and neutral state is our natural place to be. Everything else can then move out from there. 

Not long after I successfully gained my YA 200hr Yoga Diploma, yet another sacred teaching that intensified my love for more than just the physical movement on the mat. 

(so far...)
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These are offerings I love to share with others. They have always been tools I have turned to to maintain my own inner balance, which is why I want to offer them to you...


This is for you if you want to rebalance the body and mind naturally in a relaxing way. Useful for many specific issues. Uses the idea that the whole body is mapped on the feet.

Neutral Space Relaxation

This is for you if you want to return to your natural and neutral state. Allows you to release any stagnant energy in the body by stimulating deep relaxation.


This ancient practice has been used over the years to unite the body and mind. It can help reduce tension in the body and bring a sense of peacefulness to the mind.

"Maisie's yoga class is a great escape from the hectic busy pace of life and provides a calming rejuvenation."


Get in Touch

I always love to hear from people far and near. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or just send me your thoughts and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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