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Holistic Therapies

Both these therapies host a whole range of benefits and are ideal for all who want to find a moment of peace and calm in both body and mind. 
I intuitively offer a combination of both reflexology and Neutral Space Relaxation to stimulate deep relaxation and rebalance the body naturally. Alternatively you are welcome to experience just one or the other. 


Reflexology offers deep relaxation, and balance to each and every client. Whether you are looking to reduce stress levels, improve your sleep, digestion, hormone balance, circulation or tension, Reflexology is a wonderful way of addressing balance in your life and easing many ailments, in a holistic way. 

This therapy uses gentle pressure and massage on the feet to bring about a state of relaxation and stimulates your own natural healing processes within the whole body.


It is based on the idea that the body is mapped on to the feet. Different points on the feet (reflexes) correspond to internal organs and other parts in your body. Working on the same energy pathways as acupuncture and acupressure, when pressure and massage is applied to certain points it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps to restore homeostasis balance in the body. 

For any more information or to book your first Reflexology session please get in touch via the button below. 

Neutral Space Relaxation

For any more information or to book your first Relaxation session please get in touch via the button below. 

What if you could allow your body to return to basic state – relaxation? Leaving you feeling blissfully clear, calm and neutral. 

Neutral Space Relaxation® works to promote and gently assist the body to rebalance itself ‘naturally’.  This is a simple and straightforward treatment (fully clothed) where the emphasis is on pure relaxation using gentle bodywork rocks and holds around the whole body from head to toe. Working along similar lines to polarity therapy, it truly draws you back into a neutral space. 


The intuitive nurturing bodywork systems are hugely beneficial and powerful effective. Many drop into a place between consciousness and sleep, and some say it's even better than sleep!


In this deep relaxation state it gives the body and mind time to just be but also offers a space to let go of any stagnant energy being stored, both positive and negative.


Experience it to believe it!

"Maisie creates such a calming and restorative space that I can fully relax in. She has an incredibly nurturing way and is very knowledgeable about the body and what is going on, even when you don't realise yourself! I highly recommend Maisie and can't wait to have another treatment with her soon"


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